Commercial and Private buildings Surveillance

Our Net-Pro network security appliance is the easiest and quickest way of getting IP-based video and/or access control in your place. Net-Pro comes pre-loaded with Security Center, our security platform, including The Vision-Pro, the IP video management system of the Security Center platform. It provides organizations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that truly matches their security needs and our IP Access Control system Safe-Net, installation of which is effortless.

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You also benefit from the same easy-to-use investigative tools, along with flexible hardware compatibility so you can choose your own cameras or readers, or keep existing investments.

Program Safe-Net to log every door event and then either generate daily activity reports, or have the logs sent to you automatically.

You can also use this access control data during investigations to see how many times a door was opened by a specific employee, during a precise time period.

All this data is linked to video from The Vision-Pro, so no more time is wasted searching through video files; it's just there.

Safe-Net is compatible with industry standard readers and door controllers so you can keep the hardware you have or replace it with the latest door technology down the line.

Mall Surveillance

Shops and Stores Monitoring

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