Navigational Aids

We provide turn-key solutions for Marine Navigational Aids Equipment’s. We are partnered with experienced overseas firm to provide all types of the maritime equipment’s like Navigation beacons ranging from 3 nm to 11 nm, Steel navigation, Mooring buoys, Polyethylene navigation and Mooring buoys, Aviation obstruction lights and Airport location beacon along with their associated equipment. We undertake design, supply and installation for the aids to navigation based solutions on a turn-key basis under "Make in India" program.

Features and Benefits

  • Large high focal plane marine buoy
  • High visual and radar conspicuity
  • Large modular plastic day-mark
  • Optional integrated battery compartment
  • Multiple lifting and mooring points
  • Reduced hydrodynamic and aerodynamic drag
  • UV15 stabilised polyethylene throughout
  • Excellent strength, durability, and stability characteristics
  • Ease of maintenance � servicing & storage.
  • Reduced capital and operational cost



  • Elastomer buoys is particularly designed for both sheltered and open-sea waters.
  • Available in diameters from 1.5 to 3 metres, able to hold heavy moorings.
  • Thanks to its solid construction, they are virtually unsinkable, even against a strong impact. Besides, they can withstand repeated collisions without deforming.
  • Its main advantage lies in its float, of high elasticity and lightweight, manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene solid foam sheet (no water absorption).


  • Built-in solar power,
  • Great optical efficiency and low power consumption
  • Maximum range of 11 nautical miles
  • Large solar charging capacity,
  • Autonomy without solar charging up to 30 days.
  • Lantern can integrate an AIS AtoN system.
  • Provides a long service life under harsh marine conditions
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