Cloud Based Server Data

Install a BMS-PRO with integrated work stations to manage and integrate it with sub-systems, including the software BMS-Control, Security Cameras, Telephone, Paging, Video-on-Demand, HVAC, Fire alarm, security, Lighting, and hotel and property management systems via our IT network.

The entire building is connected and functions through the latest high speed fiber optic information technology (IT) and a fully integrated BMS-PRO Building Automation System.

Aside from the BMS-PRO system, other major systems include a Building Management Software BMS-Control , a facility and property management system, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and telecommunications systems, such as digital video-on-demand (live TV, pre-recorded programs, and audio),Intelligent Lighting,Automated Door security, Internet, e-mail services, computer games, and e-commerce. Life safety systems include Fire alarm, and Security IP Cameras. Presentation media for conference rooms is available with videoconferencing capabilities, an audio system, and projectors. Authorised Automatic door entry, Lighting, Climate control, Visitor Attendance and Management.

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