Oil and Gas

Simplicity of developing applications with SCADA-PRO has maximized engineering productivity which is usually elusive in the development of Oil & Gas SCADA applications. With SCADA-PRO Web Studio Solution, engineers can build their own objects and I/O databases. Once they are configured, objects can be reused throughout the entire system for any other similar device. This saves a tremendous amount of time when upgrading or developing similar applications, because engineers can reuse the template that contains all the information necessary for control, such as scripts, alarms and communication methods. This technique also greatly improves system reliability because the templates are already field proven.

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SCADA-PRO Web Studio is a key necessity for data collection and real-time operations management. From wellhead to corporate office, SCADA-PRO Web Studio software provides accuracy and reliability for drilling of oil and gas.

SCADA-PRO grants freedom to work wireless, allowing for added mobility and a better use of your time. A custom screen design with large buttons for gloved hands is just one of the many features SCADA-PRO Web Studio offers. This exclusive software program monitors safety and brings you the data you need when you need it!

SCADA-PRO Web Studio provides continuous vibration monitoring to prevent early removal of these components from service before a scheduled maintenance date, which can be very costly in terms of loss of production. For means of monitoring temperatures, pressures and flow rates that can suddenly change, SCADA-PRO Web Studio brings you a solution that is not only user-friendly and scalable, but also cost efficient.

With a good safety system in place, you can reduce safety incidents by 50%. Allowing SCADA-PRO Web Studio to monitor for leaks and detect the location of the leak, you are not only reducing safety, but also reducing the cost of unnecessary construction, management, and maintenance. SCADA-PRO Web Studio has large numbers of I/O points that are capable of networking many PCs together via TCP/IP connections, bringing you faster, precise communication, and reliable warning signs concerning pipeline leaks.

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